Privacy Notice for California Applicants/Employees

At TAP Series, LLC. (“Company”), we prioritize the protection of your personal information. This Privacy Policy delineates our procedures for collecting and handling your personal information (“Personal Information”) within the employment framework, encompassing both current employees and employment applicants. This notice is in accordance with Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.100.

What Personal Information Do We Collect Regarding Applicants and Employees?

The following chart outlines the categories of Personal Information collected from applicants and employees, along with the purposes of collection and the entities with whom we share this Personal Information. It's important to note that this comprehensive list may include types of Personal Information collected and shared about individuals other than yourself. For instance, while we may collect Social Security numbers from employees, this does not extend to applicants

Category of Information Source of Information Purpose for Collection Third Parties to Which Information Has Been Disclosed for a Business Purpose
Third Parties to Which Information Has Been Disclosed for a Business Purpose You, your benefits providers To contact you; provide you information you request; or to process your application or administer your employment with the Company Your information is shared with service providers, including payroll and benefits providers, assisting in processing employment-related data. Additionally, we may disclose your Personal Information to other service providers, such as job search platforms, to facilitate the acquisition and processing of employment applications. Moreover, your contact details may be shared with third parties like insurers, providing discounted coverage to our employees.
Other identifiers such as signature and financial account number You See above. Generally, we collect these categories of information in relation to your employment with us or your application for employment. See above. Generally, we share this information only with third parties that help us process employment related information.
Internet or other electronic network activity information, including, but not limited to, browsing history, search history, device usage, and information regarding your interaction with our website or an application You, your use of Company website or IT assets Typically, we gather these types of information to oversee employee activity and ensure the security and upkeep of our networks. Regarding website usage, we collect this information to maintain website security and functionality, as well as to deliver pertinent content to users. In general, we distribute this information to essential IT and website service providers, enabling the Company to uphold and safeguard its networks and website.
Audio or video recordings, such as recordings of virtual meetings, or video recordings on our premises Equipment connected to our network or at our premises; virtual meeting software We use audio recordings for training and quality control purposes. We use video recordings to protect our customers, our employees, our premises and otherwise deter theft and fraud. We record virtual meetings for our business purposes. We share audio and video recordings only with third parties necessary to our use and processing of such recordings. We may share virtual meeting recordings with business partners that participated in the meeting.
Your location. You, Company IT equipment, other Company equipment, such as cars, telephones, or video cameras To locate you and/or Company devices or equipment; secure our premise and networks; asset management; guest safety; and to protect our employees. We share location information only with third parties necessary to our use and processing of such information.
Employment related information, including biometric information, like fingerprint, of certain of our employees. This includes professional information like past employment. You, your references; publicly available sources like LinkedIn We use this information to facilitate your employment with the Company. We may use biometric information to track hours worked and to allow for secure access to certain Company premises. We share employment information with third parties necessary for the processing of such information, such as payroll and benefits providers. We also share employment information with governmental agencies as required by law. We may share biometric information with service providers necessary for processing of such information.

We do not sell applicant or employee Personal Information, nor do we utilize it for cross-contextual advertising, also known as targeted advertising.

Your Options: Information regarding your privacy rights concerning Personal Information can be found in our website's Privacy Policy at California employees may possess additional rights, particularly regarding access to certain employment records.

To assert your rights, kindly submit a verifiable consumer request to us through either of the following methods:
• Making a request via our careers site.
• Sending an email to
• Calling us at 1-818-809-3762.