This website, Tapseries.io (the "Site" or "Services"), is owned and operated TAP Series, LLC. ("TAP"). TAP recognizes the importance of protecting the Certificate Privacy and your Personally Identifiable Information we obtain through our site. This Certificate Privacy Policy also describes how we collect, use, and disclose your Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") PII is information about you that may be used to identify you (such as your name, phone number, or address) and who and how to access your data.

User accounts allow the entity that is responsible for managing the certificate to reprint and download if and when required. You agree not to hold TAP liable for any employer or account user access to students' or account holders' information. You agree to protect your username and password from other who do not have permission to access your account.

All students will have access to their score and certificate at any time following the submission of the final exam onto TAP’s Learning Management System. All scores are available to the student during the stage of the certificate’s lifetime as long as the certificate has not been revoked. Note: TAP recommends reprinting certificates to validate authenticity. Students access their account with a unique username and password-protected access, which will remain active for the duration of the certificate.

Students enrolling in employer accounts have provided permission to their employer to access their student data. By completing and submitting the Online course, you, the student, authorize TAP to release your certificate status to primary stakeholders who have an interest in confirming your status as a certificate folder via TAP’s Certificate Verification tool at tapseries.io.

Account holders and students, if you decide to invite others to the site, TAP will collect your and the other names, e-mail addresses, date of entry and/or phone numbers in order to assist with keeping your privacy secure. You hereby agree that you will obtain the other person’s consent to this before giving us their personal data. You hereby agree not to send us the contact details of any legal minor.

These include, but are not limited to:

A student can log onto their own TAP Learning Management System to provide an employer with the required information or alternatively, provide permission as an employee to the employer to access their student data through the employer’s user account.

If a student decides not to share their student data or certificate with an employer, TAP will not release the student’s data or certificate.

All users (students and accounts) agree that:

Due to regulations that apply to accredited certificate organizations, TAP cannot offer on-demand account deletion. TAP does not store an image of your certificates as certificates can be revoked.

In conformity with our Privacy Policy, we cannot divulge any certificate or learning information to you without the express consent of the learner.

If any account user policies are not followed accordingly, TAP will notify the account holder via email, detailing the procedure or process that was compromised (violation). Based on the type of violation and the frequency of violations, TAP reserves the right to revoke account privileges.

If a candidate violates any course rule, testing rule, exam policy, or term within the exam agreement (NDA), or engages in any misconduct that diminishes the security and integrity of TAP’s courses and exams in any way, the candidate may be permanently prohibited from taking any future courses and exams. In addition, the candidate may be decertified from the TAP Certificates, and test scores and certifications may be revoked.

Examples of such misconduct, misuse, and fraud include, but are not limited to, the following:

Exam completion can be verified by requesting a copy of a certificate from your employees. Or for employer accounts by accessing students in your account. Your account will show all exams and certificates earned by a student.

Note: Certificates for professional qualifications belong to the student, even if your employer paid for them. Training providers and jurisdictions often do charge a fee to provide a copy of your certificate. Your quickest method to get your certificate is to download the certificate after accessing your account.

All users must agree electronically to the above before commencing a course or creating an account.


If you have any concerns or questions about privacy on this Site, please email us at Privacy Team

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